Current Pioneer Astronautics Projects

  Advanced Organic Waste Gasifier

  RPSEA Green Oil TM

  Liquid Sorption Pump

  Lunar Organic Waste Reformer

Limited information may be available for currently running projects.
Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Past Pioneer Astronautics Projects

  Advanced Wastewater Photo-oxidation System

  Nitrous Ethane-Ethylene Rocket with Hypergolic Ignition

  Advanced Mars Water Acquisition System

  Alternate Propellant Thermal Rocket

  Advanced Gashopper Mobility Technology

  Carbon Dioxide Oxidizer Rocket

  Carbon Monoxide Metal Oxide Reduction System

  Carbon Monoxide Silicate Reduction System

  Counterflow Regolith Heat Exchanger

  Durable Dust Repellent Coating for Metals

  Lightweight Auto-Inflating Self-Rigidizing Booms

  LOX Olefin Rocket Propulsion for Deep Space

  Lunar Materials Handling System

  Lunar Organic Waste Reformer

  Lunar Soil Particle Separator

  Lunar Sulfur Capture System

  Mars Aqueous Processing System

  Mars Aromatic Hydrocarbon and Olefin Synthesis System

  Mars Atmosphere Carbon Dioxide Freezer (MACDOF)

  Mars GasHopper Airplane

  Mars Integrated Propellant Production System

  Mars ISRU Combuster

  Mars McLOX Rocket Propulsion System

  Ultralight Solar Sail for Interstellar Travel

 High Performance Photocatalytic Oxidation Reactor System

 Carbonaceous Asteroid Volatile Recovery (CAVoR) system

 Rare Earth Materials Recovery System

 Extraterrestrial Metals Processing

 Mars Microballoon Probe

 Mars Solar Balloon Lander

 Methane to Aromatics on Mars (MetaMars)

 Methanol Ejector Ramjet

 Multi-Cell Thermal Battery

 Methanol Lift Gas Cracker

 Nitrous Oxide Based Oxygen Supply System

 Nitrous Oxide Emergency Power Unit

 Nitrous Oxide Monopropellant Rocket 1,2,3

 Nitrous Oxide Propulsion System

 Nitrous Oxide-Organic Liquid Monopropellant Rocket

 Nitrous Paraffin Hybrid

 Mars Gas Hopper

 Rocketplane/Bantam Upper Stage

 RWGS - Private Design Study


 Solar Sail Microspacecraft

 Stratospheric Deployment Parafoil

 The Magnetic Sail-NASA

 The Magnetic Sail-NIAC

Other related Projects or Organizations we have worked with in the past.

  Pioneer Energy

 EOSS Ballooning

  Mars Society

  Mars Desert Research Station