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Stacy Carrera

Phone 303.339.7931
Fax: 303.980.0753
11111 w. 8th Ave. Unit A
Lakewood, CO, 80215

Dr. Stacy received her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. She then worked for Motorola Semiconductor in Austin, Texas for four years. T he first year she was in their Engineering Rotation Program, which allowed her access to a wide variety of jobs within the company including product engineering, technical marketing, device engineering, and failure analysis. After her four three-month rotations, she elected to continue working in the destructive analysis laboratory evaluating the cause of failures in microcontrollers primarily for automotive industry. Her interest in Material Science grew from working in the FA laboratory and ultimately resulted in her deciding to return to graduate school at the Colorado School of Mines to pursue a doctorate in Material Science and Engineering.

Stacy completed her doctorate in the Spring of 2005 concentrating on mechanical properties of thin films using finite element modeling and laboratory techniques. The title of her thesis is “The Role of Finite Element Modeling and Closed Field Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering on Developing a Coating System for Die Casting.”

She began working for Pioneer Astronautics while in the finishing stages of completing her thesis and began working full time on the Phase I project entitled “Carbon Monoxide Silicate Reduction System”, which is aimed at removing oxygen from lunar solar for use as a breathing aid as well as propellant. Also, the work focuses on recovering metals from lunar soil such as silicon for use as potential sources of materials for building or energy; one example being solar cells. In her free time, Stacy enjoys all aspects of the outdoors, music, and literature. Her primary passion is rock climbing, which she has been able to do all across Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, the Potrero Chico of Mexico and the Peak District of England. Recently, she has also been exploring rafting.

Stacy in her first class four rapid, Snaggletooth on the Dolores River
Stacy in her first class 4 rapid, Snaggletooth, on the Dolores river in western Colorado
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