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Pioneer Astronautics Team Member

Mrs. Rose geenrally works in a laboratory and/or research scientist capacity. She aids in the design, coordination and implementation of laboratory testing, data acquisition, and data analysis to run prototype systems and help design testing regimens to optimize performance. She has worked on fabrication, design analysis and alterations; data acquisition and analysis; for laboratory testing and both low and high altitude field tests of stratospheric research and zero-pressure test balloons.

Of note :

Since joining the Pioneer Astronautics team in 2003 she has also worked on data acquisition systems for many Pioneer projects. Either taking the lead or assisting in the design, purchase, creation, implementation, or debugging steps for various projects data acquisition. Pioneer mainly relies upon either National Instruments - LabVIEW or Azeotech's DAQFactory programs for data aquisition.

Rocket-Powered Go-Kart
"Rocket-Powered Go-Kart" - H.Rose is leaning on a 10 MPH speed limit sign, behind the 'Rocket-Powered Go-Kart which reached speeds of approximately 35 MPH.
In the Lab
"In the Lab" - H.Rose in her lab coat in front of the vent hood working on the MAPS program.

In the Field
"In the Field" - D.Harber and H.Rose in front of Lift Gas Cracker Phase II flight Unit on Launch Day.
Data Acquisition
"Data Acquisition" - A screen shot of a file H.Rose wrote for one of the programs at Pioneer.

Professional Bio

Heather Rose graduated from the University of Denver in June 2003 with a BA in Physics and a minor in Astrophysics. In the fall of 2000 she was chosen for an internship with Equinox Interscience in Pinecliffe, Colorado. There she accelerated the construction of a battery-housing unit for the University of Denver's Mt. Evans Meyer-Womble Observatory, completed company fundamental operational and safety training on milling equipment, and assisted the machining lead in basic maintenance and operation of milling equipment for various engineering and astronomy projects. During the summer of 2001 she was selected to participate in the Onyx Environmental Services Summer Internship program running at that time in Port Arthur, Texas. There she helped edit, update, and complete a customer service packet ahead of schedule. She was also able to assist the environmental department in compiling, editing, and completing government documentation and compliance reports. From June-August of 2003 she worked at Design Net Engineering supported laboratory technicians, the Test and Integration Team, and assisted the Analysis Lead on the Low Temperature Micro-gravity Physics Facility (LTMPF) project for the International Space Station.

Personal Bio

Mrs. Rose has been an avid amateur Astronomer since 1992, having been in the Astronomical Society of Southeast Texas (a division of the Astronomical League) for ten years, and has won several national awards for her achievements and educational outreach in Astronomy including:

She has ten years of deeply involved experience in astronomy and space educational, and has visited countless schools, conventions, malls, and parks for Astronomy and space outreach. She has also worked with many outreach organizations such as the Challenger Center, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Houston Museum of Natural Science, George Observatory, and the Astronomical League.

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